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SH (Seamus Heaney) – Metal Edtn



H for Heaney,   Seamus Justin [1939-2013]

Poeta et interpres.

H for Humus, ground, earth, soil, land, country; humanitas, humanity, human nature, human feeling; kindness; refinement, education, culture; humanitas, after the manner of men;  also kindly, humanus, a human being of good qualities; humane, kind, educated, civilized, refined; humilitas, nearness to the ground.

The Help of poetry, the miracle of Healing, the memory of Home.


High Quality print on Aluminium panel, set in Box frame.
Total Size including the frame:   Approx. 55cm x 55cm

Edition Size: 20


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Aluminium Panel Size: 51x51cm

Box (Spacer) Frame Dimensions: 55x55x4cm

Edition Size: 20