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HYJB (Heaney Yeats Joyce Beckett) – Metal Edtn



‘Description is revelation!’ Royal Avenue, Belfast,  1962,
A Saturday afternoon, glad to meet
Me, newly cubbed in language, he gripped
My elbow. ” Listen. Go your way.
Do your own work…”
Seamus Heaney Fosterage

HYJB     (

These letters in bold denominate a stunning series of very limited edition prints, individually title and signed.  The exquisite colour on strong and shining material is characteristically brilliant.  Painting, it has been said, is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.

Aiken turns again to the world of letters, a world he holds, as a painter, in high regard.  There are some 41 images in all: visitations and re-workings, versions and “re-envisage-ings”.  Every face tells a story.  This is the story of an artist’s encounters with the men of mettle of literary Ireland.  This is Aiken’s “own work”.  He records here his journey of impressions, a journey inscribed with description and revelation.  The faces, he has translated; onto metal.  For posterity.  For we will not see the like of them again.
Sharon Jones


High Quality print on large Aluminium panel, set in Box frame.
Total Size including the frame:   Approx. 106cm x 106cm

Edition Size: 20
Limited Availability


Aluminium Panel Size: 100x100cm

Box (Spacer) Frame Dimensions: Approx. 106x106x6cm

Edition Size: 20