Born in Lisburn, County Antrim in 1965.

Jonathan Aiken’s work has been selected for exhibitions throughout Ireland.
These include:
The Bass Contemporary Arts Touring Exhibition
The Boyle Arts Festival
The Royal Ulster Academy
The Royal Hibernian Academy
His artwork is included in various important private art collections...

In his previous exhibition, an oil on aluminium masterpiece captured the 108 MLA’s faces of the original Northern Ireland Assembly 2007 on iconic household brand tin cans.
Jonathan has just completed a commissioned piece for the Merchant Hotel, Belfast and is currently working on a new series of commissions for Camlin Technologies HQ at Lisburn

Icons of time and place.
Intense colour, intriguing texture,
careful superimposition.
These fuse in Aiken's into creativity.

Its a communicative space where
fascination with the simple things
in life dialogues with sensitivity to the
complexity of human experience.
A space networked by concepts;
familiar figures and objects revisited
and reworked, themes in variations,
poetic correspondences.